Automatic Smoking Machine
According to ISO3308 and ISO4387 standards combined with smoke toxicology research design, it is suitable for traditional cigarette and electronic cigarette inhalation toxicology research. Supports bell-shaped, trapezoidal and square smoke extraction curves. Automatic design, easy to operate and easy to clean.
1. Turntable design
2. Automatically enter cigarettes, light cigarettes, smoke, quit cigarette butts
3. Support traditional cigarette and electronic cigarette research (optional electronic cigarette components)
4. Support mainstream and flue gas research
5. Unique low smoke with small ventilation Space and short-distance delivery design ensure the integrity of smoke components
6. Equipped with soot and cigarette butt collection box, it is easy to clean, and the flue gas pipe is easy to replace to reduce the residue of flue gas
7. Conforms to ISO standard suction requirements
1. Number of cigarettes loaded: 200 cigarettes / time
2. Suction capacity: 1 Puff 35mL / 2sec (standard) can be set to 15 ~ 55 mL
3. Suction curve: ISO standard supports trapezoid, bell, square curve
4. Ignition mode: 1 ~ 10 (free setting)
5. Control mode: 3.5 inch LCD screen
6. Size: Confirm to Wang Longfa
7. Power supply: AC100 ~ 240V