After RAYMAIN obtained the “Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project” certificate in May 2013, the company was awarded the “Minhang District SME Technology Innovation Project” project certificate for this project.

The Technology Innovation Fund is a government-specific fund established with the approval of the State Council to support technological innovation in technology-based SME. Support and guide the technological innovation activities of technology-based SME. through grants, loan discounts and capital investment, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and cultivate a group of technology-based SME with Chinese characteristics. An affirmation and encouragement.

RAYMAIN actively responds to the national specialization and special exhortation . It has always paid attention to the innovation and progress of high-tech biotechnology, and continued to invest in core areas for may years. With the continuous upgrading of products, it has gradually become the preferred equipment of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical research institutions.